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      Hello, I caught up with the brilliant Queen who is currently pursuing her Graduate studies at the University of Northumbria and she gave us the privilege of sharing her experience applying to the University of Northumbria, being awarded a scholarship and living abroad. Enjoy!!

      University of northumbria with full funding

      Tell us a bit about yourself

      I can be addressed as Queen. I am a female within the age range of 22-24. I completed my Bsc program in Accounting bagging a 1st class degree. I applied for a scholarship program to further my master’s program oversees. I got a 50% scholarship to carry on with Msc in Accounting. And ghen ghen we arrived in the overseas. Lol😍😍😍

      That’s really nice, Queen the Bookworm🤓🤓.
      Tell us a bit about your academics or work or what you do?

      I am currently pursuing graduate studies in Accounting. Learning about regulation, taxation, family businesses, corporate finance and risk, asset pricing, financial economics and econometrics, modelling and forecasting financial markets, monetary policy, banking, energy markets and energy economics, insurance, fraud and money laundering, et.c.

      Tell us about your scholarship or academic or immigration experience
      Please indicate a brief description of the scholarship(s) you applied to, reasons for choosing your course and the scholarship(s) and any other important information if it’s a scholarship. Please share your experience, this is where the whole process involved in you applying, the experience living and leaving, the hustles and bustles you had to engage in, et.c

      An agent who is a close family friend helped out in carrying out the whole process of applying. He’s an approved agent. I submitted all the certificates I have, which included my Bsc certificate, AAT certificate, ICAN certificate, wrote a motivational statement (which included putting up a CV). Learn how to write a killer personal statement.

      These were all requirements from the scholarship board. And the name of the scholarship is ‘Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship’. After which I got a mail that I had been awarded 50% scholarship. Visa processing started, had a short Webinar interview with the embassy. Waited 2 weeks to get a response, which was favourable. Then preparation to leave started. It took a total of 4 months if am right to get d whole process completed.

      Oh wow, that was fast. 4 months was really fast. How has living abroad impacted your life, what are the experiences you can share with us?

      Hmmm, it taught me manners which included obeying the traffic light. Back in Nigeria, we don’t have traffic lights controlling pedestrians, but over here in the overseas, there’s a traffic light for both pedestrians and motorists. I guess these helps them reduce road accidents. I’ve learnt to be more independent, though thus started in Nigeria. A lot of hustle in Nigeria has helped me to live easy. The houses are already furnished, I didn’t have to start buying bed and gas cooker, etc. And it’s not so expensive and all. I didn’t expect much from life before, but with my short stay here, I’m afraid I may begin to demand so much more from life, lol. It’s the overseas mentality

      How did you find the information or resources you used in applying?

      The whole process was handled by my agent

      What are the mistakes you made when applying (this is to help others learn)

      Perhaps I didn’t make enough research. I had someone else that got 75% scholarship. I mean she’s not better off than me. Then I didn’t start my application on time. I was indecisive as to what I really wanted. All these should be corrected by intending applicants.

      Do you have any advice for us or intended applicants?

      And beware of Scam, I didn’t experience any scam because a brother did the whole thing, but I know of some persons that were victims.

      What do you think of study2japa’s approach to helping people get access to information


      Can we have the contact details of this amazing agent in case our readers are interested in his services?

      Sure, absolutely

      Thank you very much Queen, and do great things Overseas.

      If you would like the details of the agent, please leave a comment or send us a mail to [email protected] with your request

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