Top Five Universities in London 2020

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There is always a city that serves as the pride of a country and in every country, there are different fantastic picks for people. Yes, Its always a no brainer when you aspire to study abroad in the city of your dream. Many people talk about the yacht city of Monaco, some people love Dublin, New York, Quebec, and weird ones want a university somewhere as far as Antarctica. Lol. Well, London is a pick for many and is a popular city in the UK. Thus, it’s important to know the top five Universities in London.

Just so you know, the city covers 20 universities and a student population of over 300,000. Here, Schools are highly competitive. In other to be a student in one of the Universities, you have to be ready for the competition too. So, below are the top five Universities in London.

5 Queen Mary, University of London Queen Mary University London

Queen Mary University of London is located in the vibrant heart of East London. The university is one of the UK’s leading research universities that combines world-leading research with a strong commitment to social justice and public engagement. Queen Mary is the only campus-based Russell Group University in London. It’s global community of students and staff represent more than 160 nationalities. Due to its location and being a Campus University, there are a variety of opportunities for part-time jobs here. The university is proud to open its doors to any student who has the potential to succeed. To study here through a scholarship, you can apply via the Erasmus Mundus scholarship or any associate Scholarship. See here

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4 King’s College London Kings College University

Situated at the heart of the city, King’s College London is rated fourth in London and is 25th in the 2020 University League Table. The university has availed itself for several discoveries and little wonder it is designated by the department of health in England. King’s College is holding the sixth position in terms of research Quality in the U.K. Notably, the University offers students a cosmopolitan setting as well as superb access to the cultural and social riches of the city. Talking of discoveries, the University played a major role on the structure of DNA and the research that led to developing radio, television, radar and mobile phones.

3 University College London (UCL) UCL

The University is known for her great reputation and counts a score and nine Nobel prize winners. University College London should ring a bell when next you hear the name UCL! Lol… Well, its because Graham Bell is an alumnus of the third oldest University in England.
If you are still considering the University, need I let you know that it was the first in England to admit students of any race, class or religion, and most importantly to welcome women on equal terms with men. Currently holding the tenth place in the UK University League Table. The school researchers were part of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. It was the one that produced the first visual evidence of a supermassive black hole. Now if you intend studying at UCL, visit here for more

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2 Imperial College London

Now we are talking of tip top notch class! The University is a specialist in science, engineering, medicine and business. It has the top Research Quality score in England and the university is associated with breakthroughs such as the discovery of penicillin and foundations of fibre optics.Imperial College London is known to be the best in the group for Graduate Prospects, at 90.4% as well as scoring well for Student Satisfaction. The School was established in 1907 and boasts of 14 Nobel laureates. The amenities in place for students in the school is overwhelming. Imperial College London has a higher percentage of undergraduate to postgraduate. You might just be lucky to study in this highly competitive academic by perusing here

1 London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science currently holds the number one spot of Londons top university for the eighth straight year. The London School of Economics and Political Science this year drops to fourth overall in the UK. With its focus on the social sciences, it’s no surprise this university tops the Social Policy League Table – as well as getting top ten rankings for ten other subjects. So far, LSE’s alumni include over 30 past or present heads of state, while 18 alumni or staff have been Nobel Prize winners. The School is regarded as the school for all students because you get to do anything you intend doing. Talk of jobs to make some funds or for charity. Just in case you are the gut to study at the university with the guts to stay number one for eight straight years, visit here

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