Top 3 Universities with no application fees in Canada!

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Hey! It’s important to know that Scholarships cannot be yours if you don’t apply and applications to universities are not easy.

Well there is an exception in Canada. In fact, just before considering finances for funding your university studies being a prospective student, you also need to consider that you have to pay up application fees too. Well, this applies to most of universities offering Scholarship opportunities and it has become a key determent to numerous students in their educational career.

For instance, there is no university in the United States that can charge over $100 per application in certain cases. No doubt, it imposes financial strain on international students who have dreams to study in any of the universities. Simply put, application fee got application tough. Unlike the United States, Canada gives a fair chance being a country of vast opportunities. There are public and private Universities and the public grants you admission via the scholarship without application. A quick look at Study2japa

Just so you know there is no university in Canada that won’t accept application fee but these three:

1. Royal Roads University

This School offer Undergraduate, graduate and doctorate courses for locals and foreign students and receives five thousand students yearly. The university allows for free application fee for international students applying online. While it may appear as one of the bigger universities in this list, students are allowed to board rooms within and outside the campus.

2. Quest University

Quest University is a private university that receives just 700 students annually. Here, you already know it’s a small school. But then, take note that the university is known for her specialty which are Liberal art courses. The university was founded in 2007 and it only means you might look away if you want a university with history. However, this University gives a rare opportunity of application without payment. (Free application)

3. Booth University

Again, this a privately funded institution that offers few openings. Booth university currently have less than a thousand students yearly. Yes, if you plan to study in social sciences and the humanities, you will find the school attractive besides the fact that application fee is not an issue.


Indeed some Universities are benevolent in receiving students and it is quite necessary that you realise this and in turn be benevolent in making decisions. The three universities listed are too notch and always consider the pocket of their international students. You will realise that there are some universities offering such but not at the same level as these three. Now, with these universities it is application just got easy!

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