MSM football Scholarship project “Your Chance”.

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The world is moving at an interesting pace with opportunies lurking around in all professions to help everyone fulfil their dreams.

Football is a force to reckon with in this age and there are diverse aspect to it ranging from managerial role to the activity on the pitch itself. Thus, we have different Academies helping to groom players and managers alike at a price. Well, here is one fantastic opportunity to grasp and it is the MSM football Scholarship Project “Your Chance”.

Every summer, the school host students who want to become professional footballers. Just so you know, many of the students are talented and they are fired up to pursue their dream to play professionally through out their life. You will find it interesting to know that the Academy’s project is fully funded. The management realized that, there are people with unflinching yearn for success who wants to take their passion out on the pitch, yet not all of them have the financial means to come and apply for a university in Europe.

So, since the summer of 2015 MSM International Football Academy  has been  giving out unique opportunities to talented and professional players. They are of the passion to help activate your own passion. The school is such that if you are twice as good as your classmates academically and you love football and would like to study in university as well, you have a chance to win a soccer grant for free. This is either in Czech or English language courses, with free tuition at a university and free membership in Czech football club! See more

If you win the  “FOOTBALL AND EDUCATION“ GRANT, you get to

1. Have free high-quality European education;

2. Have a chance to play in a European team in Prague;

3. Be part in international tournaments throughout Europe;

4. Unleash new opportunities and perspective;

5. Have access to international experience;

6. Learn how to speak foreign languages;

Finally, In choosing going for MSM summer football camp, you get to show what you can do within a month in Prague and just after proving your worth as the best, you get a soccer grant that you are the best and get a soccer grant and a ticket to the world of professional training and education in Europe! Note that the next opportunity is in the summer of 2020. Don’t miss your chance. Read more here

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    I really would love been part of this too…


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