Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

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The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is a program that fosters people and their cultures even as they study.

Have you heard about the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship? The program fosters understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third-Countries. Also, this Scholarship helps to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue. The Scholarship is awarded to all students and you don’t want to miss out on this. What is it about it?

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship | What about it?

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is exclusively awarded to students coming from both EU and non-EU countries.
The European Commission is the one responsible for the running of the Erasmus Mundus Programme.
Just so you know, for the effectiveness of the award to your benefit, the Commission monitors the general implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the Programme at the European level.
It offers full-time scholarships and/or fellowships that cover monthly allowance, participation costs, traveling and insurance costs of the students. The Scholarship amounts can vary depending on the level of studies, the duration of studies, and your nationality. Note that Scholarships for non-EU students are higher than for EU students. That is, you enjoy a lot of privileges that include accommodation, and your welfare. It is loud!

What are the criteria?

  • The first is being a student.
  • Ensure to have a record of good health conditions.
  • You have to secure your name on the degree program either conditional or unconditional before. This makes you eligible.
  • Lastly, you must show proof of your involvement in extracurricular activities.

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How to apply?

  • The first thing is to notify the commission by writing a letter.
  • Then you apply by filling the form on this website
  • Your document should contain your passport and you are to fill a space that says you are to return to your country after the duration.
  • Ensure to attach a personal statement in order to complete this stage.
  • Lastly, you are to attach the proof of your age to your documents.

January 31 2020 is the the deadline.

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